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    Confirmation option in 'Message Actions' in Active Link

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      Has anyone ever created a Message Action in an Active link asking the user if they are "Sure you wish to perform his action"?


      I have created an 'Urgent Page' notification button which integrates with xMatters.  however, they have stated that they have people clicking the button out of curiosity.  They wish to place some kind of confirmation requirement to prevent unintended notifications from going out.

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          Jeff DesRoches

          Hi Curtis,


          You may want to leverage the SYS:Message box form.  It allows for confirmations.  Here is a brief overview on how to do that:


          1) Create a record with the Message text and Message Tag (unique identifier for your message).

          2) Have your workflow open the SYS:Message Box form (the dialog view has yes/no buttons):

               - Add your Message tag in the open window input mapping

               - In the output mapping map the z1D_Action field from SYS:Message Box to a temp field in your form.

               - When the dialog is opened, if yes is selected, it will set the z1D_Action = "Yes", the same happens with "No".

          3) Have your workflow only fire if the returned z1D_Action value = "Yes"


          I hope that helps,