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    BLCLI: Provision cancelProvisionJob returns 'The provision job is not currently running'

      Hi All,


      I am using a bit of BL CLI to stop and start provisioning jobs but keep running into this issue.


      I can start a provisioning job OK and see it in the console. I can also cancel it in the console but not from BL CLI.


      First get the DBKey for the job:

      blcli_execute Job getDBKeyByTypeGroupAndName /Provisioning/Windows/UK GBTST9999 5029
      > DBKey:SJobModelKeyImpl:2362287-3-30742079

      Then start it:

      blcli_execute Job executeAndWaitForRunID DBKey:SJobModelKeyImpl:2362287-3-30742079
      > com.bladelogic.model.job.jobrun.JobRunImpl@f9c4d63a

      Look up the job just to make sure we have the right key:

      blcli_execute Job getJobNameByDBKey DBKey:SJobModelKeyImpl:2362287-3-30742079
      > GBTST9999

      Try and cancel it:

      blcli_execute Provision cancelProvisionJob DBKey:SJobModelKeyImpl:2362287-3-30742079 rediscover
      > The provision job is not currently running


      Have I got the wrong key or am I missing something else? This in BL 8.0 and I'm sure it was working when I tried it before in 8.2 or 8.3.