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    Migration of FootPrints version 10.x/11.x to a new server using the migration tool

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      If it is desired to migrate FootPrints 10.x or 11.x to a new server, you may be able to use the "migration tool" introduced in version 10.0.  The migration tool eliminates some of the steps from what is mostly a manual process.


      This method requires a migration to the same version, OS and database.


      Additional details can be found here in TIA04984: https://support.numarasoftware.com/support/articles.asp?ID=5112&mode=detail


      For other migration scenarios, while the "migration tool" may not be an option, these can still be done using different procedures, and I'm sure many of you have done so.


      I will be adding more posts about migration, but you can always contact FootPrints Technical Support for questions about migration, or ask other customers here in the Communities how they have migrated FootPrints.


      John Ossmann

      FootPrints Technical Support

      BMC Software