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    Need help creating an Incident SRD

    Mayra Ayala
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      I created the incident template, AOT and SRD.  The form I created works find in service request and it does generate an Incident.  The problem is that the information from the SR form is not populating the Incident and the SRQ # or link is not showing up in the newly created incident number.  Can someone provide me with step by step of what I did wrong.  I am new with this SRM Incident Build.  I do not have a problem creating WorkOrder SRD.  Those work  fine as they are simple.  I have not yet build a tier workorder SRD.


      Look forward to hearing from someone that can help me.


      Thank you.



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          Ashwanth Padmanabhan



          which version of SRM you are on??


          so incident is getting generated when the Service Request is initiated just that Service Requests values are not passed on to incident right??


          if its of out of the box fields say like SR Number, Product Catalog Tiers and Operational would flow from Service Request to the Incident Form ...for this there would be configurations already comes out along with the out of the box in srm module...basically I am talking about SR Field Mapping form here...


          a good step is to cross check over there whether those configurations are fine for the incident management module or not.


          second if its for some custom fields or the fields which was not part of the out of the box mapping then those field needs to be defined in the add target data in the AOT and for the same the input to be passed in from the PDT variable reading it from the SRD.


          and finally you could also check is this a known issue in your srm version by browsing through knowledge base in bmc site.



          your CAI Plugin is working fine coz you are saying things are cool at Work Order End. May be if there is any configuration at CAI end specific to Incident Module and its attributes good to cross check there as well.


          not having a system to get you exact form names.



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            Mayra Ayala

            Hi Ashwanth,


            The version of BMC I am working on is 7.6.4.


            In the AOT I selected the following field as incident does not have a details tab like workorder to map all the questions to the responses.  The only field that I felt I can add the VAR is in Detail Description.  I map a VAR to that selection from the AOT.  When I enter a response it does not come over.


            I have 9 questions in the SR which 2 are required fields and the others are not.  I need the responses from those questions to come over to the Incident.  the only field for selection for Incident I found that would make sense is the one mentioned above.    Incidents do that have a table selection to place questions created for the SRD like workorder.  Also I do not understand why the Request number is not showing up in the Incident number like it does in workorder.  At least that would help the helpdesk agent and appropriate team to view the questions and answer and resolve the problem.    Is there a site or place in this BMC Web page where I can find the step by step on how to create a Service Request with questions and answers created by an individual that will show up in the Incident form alsong with the Request Number?

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              What is the status of your request?

              when you go on the process tab, have you any "Event Error"? If yes, what is the reason indicated?

              It can be due to a mandatory field not fill in or some missing assignment rules, ...

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                Mayra Ayala

                Hi Allan


                I am not getting any event errors.  As mentioned before the information is not going to the Incident and worst problem is that the Request number is not coming over either.   I am new with this product and I am still learning the terminology.   Mapping the response field In work order is easy because the fields are there.  How do you do map fields in the incident form?  I have 8 test boxes for responses but the customer will only fill in the ones that pertain to their problem.


                Look forward to hearing from you.



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                  Hi Mayra,


                  The process should not really be any different using the Incident module as the fulfillment application as opposed to the work order module. But, as you noted, you are limited as to the fields available for mapping target data. The fact that your Incident record is generating without an error suggests that something is wrong with the mapping. Can you provide any more information about how you are mapping these?


                  Since you are pushing all of REQ answers into a single field in the Incident, you have to use the "Advanced Mapping" in the SRD to concatenate all of the question responses into a single variable in the PDT.  Then you can map that variable into the Detailed Description field of the Incident. Is this what you are doing?


                  Regarding the REQ# not showing up... In 7.6.04 to my knowledge, you will not see the REQ# on the Incident form unless you customize the Incident form to show it. You can, however, get back to the REQ from the Incident by clicking the 'View Service Request' link under Advanced Functions.


                  Hope this helps, David

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                    Agree with you dzaucha, in ITSM 7.6.04, there is only a link at the top right with "View Service Request" as shown on the below screenshot.


                    The fact to see directly the number is an enhancement on 8 / 8.1



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                      Have you had a look at the BMC SRM Admin guide?


                      Have a look in there, see if that helps.


                      I'll try and give a pictoral representation to maybe help you using one of our incident SRDs.



                      This is a standard SRD that uses a 1:1:1 relationship between an incident template, an AOT and a PDT. Op Cats and Prod cats are defined in the template, as is the routing.


                      Here are our questions


                      They are all fairly straight forward either text or menu questions.



                      Here you can see that I've mapped a summary using the advanced mapping button, to add in text and the response to the second question. This just helps the support team judge what the incident is and prioritise when it arrives.

                      The other questions are all mapped into the notes field, again using the advanced mapping feature. One thing that I've found, is that this method doesn't overwrite the text saved in the template notes field, so I've added a nice break in (as you can see on that first line) to show where the SRM question responses start.



                      When this SRD is submitted via the Request Entry form, the question responses are added to the notes field on the incident.


                      Hope that helps clarify things.


                      With regards to the REQ number, there is a field on the Date/System tab that holds the number. It would be a fairly simple customisation to make that visible to Incident User permission holders (or Public for that matter).

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                        Mayra Ayala

                        I would like to thank all of you who have responded to my request.  I was able to figuire out what I was doing incorrectly.


                        1) I had created two AOTs one with No Template and the other with Incident Template.  The name of these were very close and I knew that I had to pick the one with Inc Template.

                        2) In Console Focus > Process View I created a Process Definition and new that I needed in the "Define Properties" in the Name field select the Name of the AOT (that had the Inc Template).

                        3) I than proceeded to create in the Request Definition the PDT.  It was there that I notice that I did not have a mapping for my questions in the Quetion Mapping tab.  I knew I could not use the SR Field mapping because those fields are for work order.  Yet the Variable Mapping field did not have any selection either.

                        4) I went back to the AOT per suggestion from the group and select the following field "Detail Description" which on the our Incident show with the name "Notes".

                        5) I went back to Process View and added the VAR in the Define Variables and in the Map Data tab I mapped the field and only used input.  Saved no errors

                        6) In the Request Definition template I click on Question and mapping and still could not see any selection in the Varible Mapping.  I figuired out that after revisiting all I have done that what I needed to do was clear in the PDT Service Request Definition form and reselect the form. I went back to Question and Mapping tab the Varible Mapping had the VAR field I created and used the advance mapping.  I was than able to view my entries.


                        I want to thank all of you for helping and providing me with visual screen shot.

                        Thank you.


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                          Ashwanth Padmanabhan

                          yep you will need to reselect the PDT so that the newly defined PDT variables would be visible for the Variable Mapping in the SRD.

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                            Edison Pioneer

                            Hi Mayra,


                            On which form is Console Focus > Process View ?



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                              Sidhdesh Punaskar

                              Service Request Catalog Manager