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    Problem in displaying values in Character field

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      Following is my scenario -


      I have designed a display-only form A (child form). I added some check boxes where user can select the multiple checkboxes. On each checkbox I have active link with Return execution option, which sets selection value/s in a temporary character field. Also this form has a button 'Submit'.

      On form B (parent form) I have a character field and a button 'Choose values'.  Clicking this button, form A opens in dialog mode. User make his selection in form A and click a 'Submit' button on form A.

      On this (Submit) button I have active link with Push Field Action which pushes value of temporary character field to form B's character field. The same active link closes the form A dialog window after Push field action.


      Value of temporary form get stored in Form B in above steps. However, stored value is not displayed in that field immediately. I need to refresh the form manually to see the value.

      I want to display value of the field in form B immediately once dialog form (form A) closes.


      How can I achieve this?


      I tried to add event at the time of closing dialog window of form A. However, I could not find how can I refresh character field on form B to see the value immediately.


      BMC Remedy AR Version - 7.5 patch 004


      Please assist.



      Anirudha D

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          Rakesh Jajper

          I would suggest you to use On Close Mapping in Active link which open the Form A in dialog mode.

          And once you close it will put those values in mapped field on Form B and then verifying it you can save data on Form B.

          I hope that should help you, because the way you are doing it, either you may need to refresh the data on Form B to see data or need to open the Form B again on closing the Form A/on submitting.

          But that doesn't look good so better use On Open and On Close mapping