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    How to stop 'View Broadcast' hiding 'Approvals, cart, Items' SRM?


      Using ROD 8.0.00 - not sure if this is version specific.


      OOTB the Request Entry screen top right looks like top image:SRM1.jpg

      But when there is a broadcast the 'View Broadcasts' obscures the 'Approvals, cart, Items' (bottom image).  It stays this way even after the broadcasts have expired (actually set to Status*='Offline',  I'll have to wait until tomorrow before it hits the 'Broadcast End Date+').


      Q1: How can you get back to the initial condition (top image)?


      Q1.a: When broadcasts are active?

      Q1.b: When broadcasts are not active?


      Thanks for any hints.


      Extra info:  I just tried setting the broadcast Status*='Archive' and View Access*='Internal' and the effect is even worse!  Now the Request Entry screen looks like:-


      i.e. 'Approvals, cart, Items' totally obscured! Bug?