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    SBRP configuration issue

    Varad Pandit
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      Hi We have configured SBRP for all repeaters. For each repeater we have almost more than 10+ subnets. Under ISM tab we are unable to see the replication status of the repeaters. Also we have observed below error during starting the "Power Usage Channel Manager"

      "A transmitter error occurred 'No available repeaters and masters not configured to be backup'


      We want to configured repeater in below condition

      If any repeater goes down, the EP's from that subnet shouldn't communicate with master, due to bandwidth restriction

      Also how and from where we can verify the replication is happening?




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          Hey Vishu,


          If I understand correctly there are two questions here right? (Please correct me if my understanding is incorrect)

          1. When starting the "Power Usage Manager" channel you get following error:


          "A transmitter error occurred 'No available repeaters and masters not configured to be backup'


               Where are you seeing this error? In the logs?


          2. You want to configure EP's to use the master in case the repeater(s) in the SBRP list are down?


          This is possible by enabling the "Fallback to master transmitter" option in the SBRP setting for that site....




          Hope this helps!!




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            Varad Pandit

            Hi Greg,


            We have seen the error over CMS console and into power usage manager history logs.


            we dont want to configure EP to use master in case the repeater in SBRP's list is down. The attached config XML file is for your reference.


            now my questions is


            1. how and from where we can see the replication is happening ?


            UPDATE: Based on File attachment policies, a file was removed, see FAQ for more

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              Ok my bad!! I read your message incorrectly for your case please ensure that the option (mentioned above) is NOT checked. The config.xml does is correct it does not have the masterparticipation="true" tag so EP's would not be redirected to the master if the repeaters are down.


              Regarding your question on replication.. You should be able to check replication status using Infrastructure Status Monitor - ISM channel or by checking the logs..

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                Varad Pandit

                Actually the replication/redirection is not working. We have configured the transmitter redirection settings as per attached format.

                If we unchecked "Allow this transmitter to handle xxxxxxx "

                1. remaining EP's outside the repeater are not connecting to transmitter, we are unable to deploy the patches/package on those EP's.
                2. the EP's in repeater list (subnet based configuration) are not connecting to transmitter or repeater.


                my requirement is

                1. outside EP's should contact directly to master tx, the EP's under repeaters should contact respectively repeaters only.
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                  Yep... So when you un-check the "Allow this transmitter to handle xxxxxxx " subscribing stops completely. I am guessing that the EP is not getting redirected to the respective repeater. In that case I probably has never worked and has always been updating / subscribing from the master tx


                  The first time a channel updates after SBRP has been setup the machine would go to the Master transmitter (pool) for the update. However the master / mirror would give it the list of repeaters that are mentioned in the SBRP settings.. The EP would then take that list and go talk to the repeater(s) from that list.


                  Below is the workflow to help you understand the process of how SBRP works:


                  1. Configure the SBRP setting for the respective subnet in SBRP, make sure you use SIMPLE ANDING for specifying the network range (the tx will not function properly if you specify the network range incorrectly). Your config.xml is correct so no changes required there ... lets take an example from you XML:


                  <network name="Test-Vlan100" mask="" net="" url="/http://testbbca:5282" bandwidthtotal="0" bandwidthclient="0" defaultparticipation="true">

                      <repeater url=""/>



                  Anything coming from - 254 will be redirected to


                  2. After the SBRP settings are published to the transmitter when an update happens on the endpoint the request would go to the Master Tx you will then see a REDIRECT request for the machine/IP in the access logs of the TX (this indicates that the machine has been asked to contact the repeater). Also on the target you will see a property that gets added to the channel.txt of the channel " repeaters=<hostname1>,<hostname2>, etc .. "


                  3. The machine would then go to the repeater mentioned in the repeater list and get the update for the channel. This has two pre-requisites i) Repeater should be online ii) Requested channel should be replicated


                  You can check if the repeater replicated the channel by typing this in the browser http://txname:5282/?xml&full or through transmitter admin

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                    Varad Pandit

                    Hi Greg,


                    our scenario is little bit different.

                    • we have 5 geographical location with 5 repeaters (A,B,C,D,E)
                    • 10 small remote location with meshing technology
                    • we have local EP's those are directly connected to Master TX

                    for this we have configured below subnet redirection policies, please correct if we miss out somethings

                    • For repeaters we have configured below redirection policies

                    Repeater Redirection.jpg

                    For repeater A the EP's between IP range will be automatically redirect to repeater http://testbbca.com:5282

                    For repeater B the EP's between IP range will be automatically redirect to repeater http://testbbca2.com:5282





                    • For mesh and local EP's we have configured below redirection policy



                    because of empty repeaters list the the IP's from above subnet will automatically redirect to master TX. It will not redirect to any repeaters.




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                      Hey Vishu,


                      I don't see any issues with the configuration, one thing though you should have the "Allow this transmitter to handle requests if no repeaters are available" option checked in conjunction for this to work.. As it is contradicting with the SBRP settings. Are the machines in the other subnets being redirected as expected?





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                        Varad Pandit


                        1. If we enable "Allow this transmitter to handle request is no repeater are available", in case repater A,C goes down then all the respective EP's will redirect to Master TX, and we dont want this configuration. All respective EP's should wet for repeater to start up.
                        2. We are in process to configure the above settings.  There are lots of subnets, need to be configured.

                             My question is that is there any limitation for subnet configuration. (almost 50 subnets)



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                          By not checking the option you are preventing the Tx to server any clients that come to it, which if you have the SBRP list configured correctly will not happen.


                          Machines from A, C subnets will not get redirected to master (if the repeater is down or does not have the channel) because in each of the subnets you have not selected the "Fallback to master tansmitter" checkbox.


                          As far as number of subnets there should be no restrictions, I have seen customers with over 150 subnets configured and working as expected...


                          What I meant was if they you don't have the option enabled all requests from the "Mesh and lcoal EP's" SBRP setting will fail with the error mentioned earlier...

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                            Varad Pandit



                            I have checked for couple of repeaters it working. (able to see the redirect entry into logs)


                            thanks for information and help



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                              Varad Pandit



                              I have observed that after checked in "Fallback to master transmitter" for LocalEP&Mesh EP, "Fallback to defalt repeaters"  automatically get checked in.


                              any idea?



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                                You can always check the SBRP config live using the URL's below:




                                In the case you have master/mirrors/repeaters it helps to view the contents of SBRP live

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                                  Hey Vishu... should be a defect what version are you using? check the below thread...


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                                    Varad Pandit

                                    Hi Greg,


                                    We are using 8.2.02

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