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    Failures on Snapshot of Extended Object


      I have created an Extended Object running a small NSH script (looking into a log for a Version number)

      I wanted to run it with Remote Execution , but there is no NSH installed on the targets

      So i am using Central Execution:

      runscript -h  ??TARGET.NAME?? -e /D/Scripts/AR_Version.nsh

      When i do live browse it works fine (a bit slow)

      But when i tried to run Snapshot on all targets , the majority of the target have failed with :


      ErrorAug 13, 2013 11:54:48 AMSnapshot of target part 'AR Version//AR_Version' of asset class type 'Extended Object Entry' failed on target 'adobe-demo-ar-2.onbmc.com': nsh: no such file or directory: //@/D/Scripts/AR_Version.nsh


      Same target when i live browse them works fine