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    Identify dead agents that haven't been alive since specific time

    Steffen Kreis


      We are currently reviewing all our Maintenance tasks in BSA 8.2/8.3


      A topic that's causing us issues since day one is the Agent Health, due to constant issues with a locked BladelogicRSCD user on a Windows target that's happening in lots of versions of the Agent.


      Ideally I'm looking for a smart group condition that allows us to identify agents that are not responding since something like seven days.


      We run USP jobs that update the Agent Status twice a day.


      I know Sean had this topic in his Best Practices Maintenance session. But I don't see a way how this could be achieved as the date properties that are potential candidates for such a task also get updated when the USP job runs against a dead agent.


      Any help is much appreciated.


      Cheers Steffen