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    How to relate fileserver blpackages folder and the Package name and Depot groups


      My requirement is to deduce the correspondng package name and the depot group from bladelogic with the file server info. The attempt is to display list of all huge packages > SOME_SIZE. I can directly query the file server and immediately get the list of top 'y' files greater than 'x' MB (or GB) [example]

      In an attempt to query this I landed excatly in upside down flow as shown below...


      PACKAGE_GROUP="/IST/NAGP/Apache Installs"

      blcli_execute DepotGroup groupNameToId "${PACKAGE_GROUP}"

      blcli_storeenv PACKAGE_GROUP_ID

      TEST_PCKG_NAME="Apache Install"

      blcli_execute BlPackage getDBKeyByGroupAndName "${PACKAGE_GROUP}" "${TEST_PCKG_NAME}"

      blcli_storeenv PACKAGE_DBKEY

      blcli_execute BlPackage getLocation

      blcli_storeenv PACKAGE_LOC

      echo ${PACKAGE_LOC}


      this perfectly is giving me the fileserver folder location...

      However my requirement is excatly opposite of this and I am stuck going backwards, as I am not seeing any straight forward way of querying backwards, any help is appreciated. I do have an idea of recursively querying the depot group and then compare by ParentGroupId, but this logic is too lengthy as I will end up in querying every package in bladelogic for only few 'y' packages which I am interested.