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    How to change the default paths for the STAGING_DIR property

    Yanick Girouard

      The STAGING_DIR property is intrinsic and populated with a default value (/temp/stage for Windows and /var/tmp/stage for Unix) and can only be changed to another value on a per server basis by editing the value of the property manually (or via a blcli script).


      I've looked for a way to define a default value for each OS (i.e in the property dictionary) but couldn't find anything.


      Anyone know of another way to do this?


      Currently we have a job that "fixes" the property value to something else, but if it could be the right one by default it would be much better. The default /temp/stage directory on Windows is causing a lot of problems due to some antivirus and security hardening done by our customers, so we have decided to change the default location to another folder.