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    SNMP Traps via BLCLI



      I was looking wheter we can send snmp traps via blcli.


      I have a NSH script and I am check for some specific condition on a server, if the condition fails I want to send the SNMP trap to a destination which can read it.


      I wanted to know where I can do this via blcli ?


      Any help or guidance will be appreciated.





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          Bill Robinson

          you cannot send snmp traps from the blcli directly.  you can set the notification options on the job to send snmp traps so that when the job runs and fails (the job exits w/ an error) a snmp trap is sent out.  you may want to use a compliance job here and send a notification on rule failure so you can differentiate between a job failure (eg, server wasn't online) vs rule failure (condition not met)