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    bsa-addm integration

    Anatoly Gofman

      I want to import all servers and all software components from ADDM to BSA. If I need to do this with BSA-ADDM integration? If all servers are imported automatically?



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          Joe Piotrowski

          I could be mistaken, but I don't think it works this way. BSA requires agents on the servers it manages. Once you have agents on your servers, you can import your servers into BSA via a text file (listing all your servers). As they are added the agent will gather server information and populate the BSA database. If you want to gather additional server inventory data you run certain jobs against the servers which will gather that data and populate the BSA database.


          To my knowledge you cannot populate the BSA database with the CMDB database ADDM uses.

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            Parag Desai
            1. Servers are added per the normal BSA process.  An RSCD agent is needed so that the ADDM CO can be pushed to the Server. When one browses in the ADDM CO for a Server the CO will connect to the ADDM server, gather the requested data and return it to be displayed in BSA


              2. This integration doesn't automate ADDM tasks as such. It allows one to access ADDM data via BSA and use it within BSA functions (snap & audit, compliance, build reports, etc).


              3. However, there is a shotcoming to this process. You can only add the servers by their shortnames and not by their FQDNs and IPs.

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              Bill Robinson

              you can dump a list of the server names and use the import feature to register those systems in bsa.  if they have an rscd agent bsa can talk to it, if not you can create agent installer jobs.  there's no way to import software components from addm into bsa that i know of.  bsa will do its own 'discovery' of what is on the target systems.

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                Joe Piotrowski

                I'm not familiar with an ADDM plugin for the BSA RSCD agent. What is it called?

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                  I will have R&D respond to this one.

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                    It is called Software Discovery CO

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                      Shashibhushan Gokhale

                      Thanks Neil Karani.


                      Hi Anatoly Gofman


                      Information about the ADDM integration (called Server Configuration Discovery) is available here: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/public/bsa83/Setting+up+BMC+BladeLogic+Server+Configuration+Discovery.


                      It is in the form of CO that can be distributed to servers already enrolled in BSA. Once configured (ADDM server credentials supplied), we can perform snapshot, audit, discovery, etc based on data returned about the server from ADDM server.


                      UPDATE: The shortcoming about requirement to use FQDN has been addressed in latest release as well as service pack of earlier releases. So short names or IP address of server can be used.


                      This integration is not available out-of-box and has to be requested to customer support.




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                        Joe Piotrowski

                        Shashi, can you elaborate on this?


                        You said "we can perform snapshot, audit, discovery, etc based on data returned about the server from ADDM server." What exactly does this mean? Does it mean that a new server object is available and we can browse additional server information within BSA that gets populated from the ADDM database? Or does it mean that "snapshot, audit, discovery, etc" jobs run in BSA will automatically populate the ADDM database?


                        Does the "shortcoming about requirement to use FQDN" mean that any servers added into BSA by FQDN will not work, and this will only work with servers added by short name or IP address?

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                          Steffen Kreis
                          Hi Joe,

                          There will be a new Server-Object that you can distribute using a CO job.

                          Clicking this CO will query ADDM and display the discovered Software instances for that server.

                          The information from this server object then can be targeted with snapshot, audit and compliance jobs.

                          The query as it was right now uses the ??TARGET.NAME?? Property to query ADDM and as ADDM uses just the hostname to identify the target this doesn't match when you have your agents registered by its FQDN. Not sure about IP addresses, but it definetly works with shortnames.

                          We still wait for the FQDN fix to be made available as this stops us from using it right now.



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                            Shashi can give you the definitive answers here, but no -- no new server object is added.  For each server to which you have distributed this CO, additional assets (i.e., nodes in the Live Browse view) become available, with information about the software applications discovered by ADDM on that server.  In the background, BSA is actually fetching this information from the ADDM server, but that shouldn't matter to you once the initial setup is done.


                            Since these new assets are now available, they can be selected as 'parts' in component templates and used for snapshot, audit or compliance jobs.


                            And finally, no BSA does not populate any data into the ADDM database. (Although both BSA and ADDM do populate data into the Atrium CMDB, using separate integration mechanisms).

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                              Joe Piotrowski

                              Thank you both for the additional detail. Would either of you mind submitting a screenshot of what information this CO gathers and how it displays/organizes it as a server object in BSA? It would be a good reference for me if any of my customers are also using ADDM. Thanks!

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                                Shashibhushan Gokhale

                                Joe Piotrowski, Neeran Karnik and Steffen Kreis have answered the questions. Please let us know if you have any other questions and I will answer it.


                                The limitation that only servers enrolled using their FQDN can fetch data from ADDM is fixed to allow short names as well as IP address. Short names and IP addresses are translated to a form so that data can be fetched from ADDM server. This fix was supposed to be released in 8.1 SP3, some 8.2 SP and 8.3 SP2, though Maria Cabral (CE) can confirm.


                                I'll try to post a screenshot soon.

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                                  Shashibhushan Gokhale

                                  I confirmed with Maria. The fix should be in 81SP3, 83SP2 (not yet released), and in 85 (not yet released).