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    TMART prompted for accuracy error on URL Checker while no accuracy check condition (title, content) being defined

      Hi everyone,


      I have created a monitor with URL checker. For availability, it works fine. As I just only need to check the existing of the URL.



      I didn't define any title or content check for this monitor. However, from the monitoring page and at the client health tab, the TMART has recorded a HTTP404 object not found error which seems to be a little bit weird.





      The URL page is a blank HTML page which has a pop up box for user to login. There is nothing special for the HTML page. Besides, as far as my understand, since I haven't configured any accuracy related condition in URL checker, there should be no red alert regarding the accuracy. Also, the page is available as shown in TMART. How come it prompted for a HTTP 404 object not found error? I don't quite understand. Does any one have any idea about this symptom? Any comment and suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks a lot.