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    Parallelism not being inforced

    Tom Rosenkranz

      Hi all,


      Has anyone encountered an issue with parallelism settings not being enforced? I have a customer that is using parallelism but reports that even though he specifies the numbers of targets to process in parallel the job gets executed as if "Unlimited" were being selected.


      This is on BSA 7.6. I've asked him for the App Server settings related to parallelism, which you can see below.








      I am just learning about BSA and admit that I don't quite grasp the various settings. I don't know yet what how many targets he has it set to, but from what I have read it seems to be limited to 10. I got this tidbit from "Managing the Application Server". "All BMC Server Automation jobs let you specify how many targets to process in parallel. You can set a value from 1 to 10 or allow an unlimited number of targets to be processed in parallel." Does that imply one shouldn't set it higher than 10?


      I would appreciate any help with understanding this further.



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          Bill Robinson

          there are a few parallelism settings here to think about.


          in blasadmin the 'maxworkitemthreads' settings determines how many targets an appserver will be able to target in parallel for any job that might be running in the system.  the 'globaldefaultjobprallelism' just sets the default value of parallelism on the job level.


          what you didn't include here is what the paralleism setting was set to on the particular job the customer was trying to run.  can you see what that is set to ?  in this case a setting > 50 is effectively the same as unlimited, assuming a single appserver environment, since 50 is the maxworkitemthread setting and the max number of targets the appserver can hit at any given time.


          also, what kind of job is this and what specific build of 7.6? (eg )

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            Tom Rosenkranz



            Since this is a high priority issue for the customer I have opened a case with support. Although they haven't repsonded back with anything yet.


            However, to answer your questions...the parallelism setting was set to 20, and it is ocurring on all Deploy jobs, it is not ocurring on NSH script jobs.


            Their specific build is


            I have been reading up on using the blcli and thinking that I could have the customer try using that to deploy a job. Can you set parallelism with blcli? If so, what is the proper syntax for running such a job?

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              Bill Robinson

              You can set the parallelism via the gui, and there is no difference in setting it via the gui vs blcli.  how does the customer observe the problem on deploy jobs?  they have a single deploy job that has more than 20 targets, they run the job and see it executing against more than twenty targets in parallel ?



              What is the issue # ?

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                Tom Rosenkranz

                Okay, I wasn't expecting this reply from the customer.


                Well, I kick off a deploy job against 25 servers that has the parallelism set to 5 servers at a time. The job is a 1 minutes sleep. The job completes in 1 minute, as opposed to 5...which is how long it should take a 1 minute sleep to complete against 20 servers 5 at a time.


                The issue number is ISS04170536.

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                  Jim Wilson

                  Problem was not reproducible in BSA 8.3.

                  The support issue was closed with an intention to upgrade (as 7.6 is EOL)