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    BSA File Server Question

      Hi all


      I would need to verify my understanding for the following scenario:


      Lets asume that there is one central BSA environment with the full BSA installation.

      Now there is another big site where software packages should be installed. The software packages for the new site should also be stored on this site - so no software package transfer should be happening between the initial and new site. I know that with a repeater the transfer between both sites should be limited - but in this scenario it is important that also the sofware packages are not stored in the initial site and are only stored on the new site.

      Nevertheless, there should only be one central application/management server in the initial site.


      Can I build up a BSA File Server on the new site to store all packages for the new site on this new file server and all other software packages are stored on the BSA File Server on the initial site?


      Many thanks


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          Siddu angadi

          Hi Helmut,


          I do not thingk so, You can make 2 file server active. BSA will be pointing to only one file server and repeator is only the option.

          What is concerns in using repeators, you can sync data during non business hour or weekend?





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            Hi Siddu


            Many thanks for your answer!


            The restriction is that the software packages should not leave the new site - so they should not be stored outside that site. So with repeators they would be stored in the primary site - which should be avoided.


            Do you know of any other possible solution?


            Many thanks


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              Alan Nakashian-Holsberg



              You can only have a single reference to a file server, what you can do if you need to store packages other than there is to do a softlink, this will leverage the content from its current location.  When the job is executed, the payload will be temporarily copied to the appserver and then deployed. 


              I hope this helps.



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                Sean Berry



                The use case you're describing here is something we call a Remote File Repository. 


                To leverage this, you would use the "Mount at Install Time" feature for the payload location in the software package, and use a Windows or NFS (UNIX) share at the remote site as the location of the software package.  Some customers will parameterize the location of this package to be able to reuse the same package definition with many remote sites.


                The net effect is that the central management infrastructure (the app server etc.) controls when and how the software gets deployed, and you get to use a simple remote file store for actual payload deployment.  Please follow up with any questions: this is a powerful feature of BSA, and very helpful for large payloads (like SQL Server) or where bandwidth between sites is constrained.


                (This does not directly use or replace the BSA File Server, of which there can be exactly one, and which should be closely located to the application server infrastructure.)