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    New to RemedyForce, Where do I start?

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      First off, hello everyone!  I am new to RemedyForce and need to get up to speed very quickly.  I have tried the dedicated trials both with and without prepopulated data. 


      My questions pertain to the initial setup and standard practices. 


      What exactly is considered a "standard" or "Out of the box" setup?


      Is there any documentation that lists the step by step tasks needed(in order of completion) that need to happen to go from first login to going live for the users? (not the pdf that shows how to do it for the trial, but the actual LIVE org)


      Are there any current documents that I can download that I can use to capture ALL information that is needed to go from first login to LIVE?


      Is there any type of official training that goes in detail of how to setup, configure, administer RemedyForce? (Ideally I would liek the online training to be like the standard salesforce courses offered online)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.