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    Unable to delete the Windows Catalog

      While deleting the windows catalog I'm getting the below error in the Appserver logs.


      [22 Jul 2013 03:06:55,058] [Client-Connections-Thread-2] [WARN] [BLAdmin:BLAdmins:] [Client] Failed to send message to client

      com.bladelogic.om.infra.mfw.util.BlException: Connection reset by peer: socket write error.



      Please let me know the solution for this?

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          Bill Robinson

          probably it's taking a long time to delete the catalog and your client's connection is dropping.  you could try using my script here: Patch Catalog Utility Script

          which will let you delete all the objects in the catalog group, then you can delete the actual catalog.  also - run the script from the appserver.

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            Thanks a lot Bill........Excellent it worked.


            We have executed the script with out dryrun.

            nsh catalogUtility.nsh -s false -m deleteCatalogObjects -e WINDOWS_CATALOG_GROUP -c "/Chennai/Test_4deletion2"

            May be helpful to other user. We have exceuted the below command Indiviudally to delete the group & windows Smart group.

            5017 : Windows Patch catalog Smart Group
            5022: Windows Patch catalog Group


            blcli_execute Group deleteGroupByTypeAndQualifiedName 5022 /Chennai/Test_4deletion2
            blcli_execute Group deleteGroupByTypeAndQualifiedName 5017 /Chennai/Test_4deletion2/Bulletins


            Thanks & Regards,