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    Question on Compliance and audit

      I need to know if there are any extended objects or grammar files that have been created to help with gathering configuration information regarding WebSphere, Oracle or MQ systems, or if there are any plugins to BladeLogic that integrate with WebSphere, Oracle or MQ that would help with audit and compliance.


      BSA 8.2SP1


      Any information on this would be appreciated.

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          Naveen Anne

          I believe what you are looking for is available through another product of BMC called BMA (BMC Middleware Automation). It ships with the additional extended objects that you require to gather configuration information of middleware.

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            Joe Piotrowski

            If you don't get any specific responses from the users here you can always create your own. If you have a script/commands that can gather this information, we can help you create a custom Extended Object for this.

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              Siddu angadi

              Hi Monica,


              if you are asking about out of box, BBSA does not have. As naveen said, ofcourse it has for weblogic and websphere and product called BMA - BMC middleware Automation ( BARA / Phurnace). It is very costlier, if you are going to use it only for compliance and audit. However I would recomend to explore the BMA, since it provides lots of benifits w.r.to Application Release Automation for Middleware products.


              All middleware applications (Weblogic/Webshpere/JBoss), it is easy to write your own extended objects, here it is just using XML adapter and reading the domain XML file.