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    How to properly remove Application Server Launchers?

    richard mcleod

      I am trying to remove an Application Server Launcher from a environment, the AS/L has been upgraded to 8.2 and was integrated into a different environment. I am attempting to clean up the 8.1.03 environment to avoid any possible communication issues within the 8.2 env (we're seeing cross communication in the 8.2 logs coming from the 8.1.03 env).


      I've removed the Application Server from infrastructure management preserving the deployment structure but removing the registration. I don't see any option to remove the launcher though.


      When I click the launcher I am provided with port details for that host launcher, right clicking the object shows the following options:

      • New Application Server
      • Edit Role List
      • Add Unmanaged Deployment
      • Refresh


      The only option I've tried here is Edit Role List but I get an error: (I'm logged in with the BLAdmins role)

      Unable to populate role list: no agent acl found for role. Check that this role has Role.Read permissions on all roles


      I see that one solution was to run some SQL commands: Re: decommission old app servers


      Are there any other options?