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    BBSA Audit and Compliance Jobs

      Hi All,


      Please Tell me what is difference between Audit job and Compliance.


      Both jobs tells us deviation from desired state and even we can remediate as well.


      Then what is difference?

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          Joe Packard



          Let me start by saying this is the wrong forum.  For BSA questions you should post @ Server Automation


          That said, the difference is a binary comparison vs. a logical operatoer comparison.  An audit looks at a specific setting, file, configuration and compares it to the expected value.  It either matches or it does not.  1 vs. 0.


          A compliance comparison allows logical operators to be used.  An example that is easily comprehended is password length.  Compliance would allow a setting of > 8 characters.  If a password is set to 11 characters, it passes.  In an audit it would fail because it is NOT 8 characters (or an exact match).


          Hope this helps.


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            Jim Wilson

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              Joe Piotrowski

              Audit is a one (master) to many direct comparison. The only remediation is to make it look like the master. Example, does this directory and files match the master? If not, sync it so it's the same.


              Compliance allows logic and conditional rules, with custom remediation. Example, is X software installed, is the service running, is it set to Automatically run at start up, does this registry key exist and equal this value, and does this entry exist in this configuration file? If not, run this custom package that installs the software, starts the service, creates the registry key and inserts a value into a configuration file. And many more. Very powerful feature of our product.

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