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    JVM Issues With Multiple BLCLI Commands

    Chris Coggin

      This is for trying to use multiple BLCLI commands in AO to run a specific Batch Job.


      When trying to use multiple BLCLI commands after one another in AO I see the following error:



      DEBUG EnhancedCliConnection : [Thread: AMP - Perform Action Executor - 264] Response to be split 'The JVM has already been initialized.

      blcli_setjvmoption must be called before the JVM is initialized



      I know that each BLCLI command needs to start up a JVM to execute. I am trying to execute a few commands one after another so that I do not have to put them all into an NSH script and run from there. (Putting the commands in a NSH script would be terrible to debug).  I tired to call the "Perform NSH Command" process with the command "Blcli_disconnect" after it was done calling the first process.  This also did not work.


      Example of my process:


      1) Get DB KEY by Goup and Name

      2) Set Server Value By Name

      3) addNamedServerToJobByJobDBKey

      4)  executeJobAndWait


      I have tested all of the steps individually and they work.  The issue is running them one after another.