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    File Deploy BLCLI Failures

      hi guys,

      i am encountering this error, trying to manage with BLCLI the File Deploy Job,
      I have on my Bladelogic folder called /QA a script called "domenico".

      I tried to use this method in order to get at first the Job DBKey and i got this messagge:

      INPUT -->blcli_execute DeployJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName "/QA" "domenico"
      OUTPUT --> Command execution failed. com.bladelogic.om.infra.mfw.util.NotFoundException: No job found with name : domenico group : 2010000 and type : DEPLOY_JOB

      then i try also another kind of Operation: the copyJob (copy deploy job 'domenico' in a new one called 'bri') and i get the similar issue.

      INPUT--> blcli_execute Job copyJob DEPLOY_JOB "/QA" "domenico" "/QA" "bri"


      OUTPUT-->blcli_execute DeployJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName "/QA" "domenico"

      i am sure at 100% that Group Name (/QA) and Job Name ('domenico') are fine ... what's wrong with this API invokation ?!