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    Retention period of incident event log in TMART

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      For the incident log, I suppose and I guess they should be stored in the TMART database. Please correct me if my understanding is not correct. I would like to know what is the retention period of the incident event log (I guess it should be 7 days by my observation) and also how and where can I adjust the retention period for incident event log. Thanks a lot.



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          Dan Egner

          The incidents are kept the same amount of time as your weekly aggregated data.


          SV_IncidentHistoryNodes is a table in the database that holds incident data.

          For deleting data this table is tied to the weekly level <I10080min>.

          I10080min is explained in the Admin Guide in this section:

          Reducing Repository Size on Database Server

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            Hi Dan,


            Thanks a lot for your help. I am really deeply appreciate it. I have located what I am looking for.

            According to the guide, the steps to change the retention period of incident event log is as follow:

            1. Stop the application server.
            2. Open the SvAppServerHomeConf.xml file with a text editor.This file is located in the /conf/appserver folder of the BMC TM ART Central directory on the application server.
            3. Locate the <KeepOldData> XML tag.
            4. Define the interval when Central should perform the data reduction process by setting the tag <ScheduleDayPeriod>. Set the value to the number of days after which the data reduction process should be performed. For example, to start removing old result files and aggregating old results every week, enter the following settings <ScheduleDayPeriod>7</ScheduleDayPeriod>



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