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    BMC Server Automation AIX/LPAR support

      Hi all,

      We have a potential customer that is looking to provision LPAR through BMC Server Automation. The requirement is to integrate with Release Process Management in order to provision a server -> deploy an application to the newly provisioned server. We have a BDC demo that shows this being done through a Release Process Management/CLM integration so I'm still unsure as to whether we can do with just BMC Server Automation instead of CLM. However, the requirements may make this moot as we need to be able to support the following:

      1. AIX

                a. On LPARs

                b. On System p (p-series)

      2. IBM i or AS/400

        1. On LPARs
        2. On System i (i-series)

      3. VIO 2.2.0

        1. On PowerSystems using “PowerVM VIOS” server virtualization


      I understand that BMC Server Automation supports VIO and AIX to a certain extent but am unsure on platform support. Can anyone confirm the following:

      1. Can BSA manage and provision AIX LPAR's to the platforms above?
      2. If BSA can provision the LPAR, can we then deploy an RSCD agent so that we can roll out an application to it from BSA?

      Thanks for any help.