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    BBSA 8.1 upgrade to 8.3 w/dual agents

    Luciano Spagnuolo

      I'm currently working with a client that will be upgrading from BBSA 8.1.3 to BBSA 8.3.00.  The environment has 3 physical AppServers and Oracle DB.  Each of the AppServers have dual RSCD agents.  One installed in default location for the AppServer, the other in a custom location for the FileServer.

      My question is this


      1. The upgrade will upgrade the RSCD that has been installed in the default path only or will it update both RSCD agents?

      2. If the FileServer RSCD needs to be manually upgrade shoudl it be done before the AppServer upgrade or after?

      3. What difficulties can I expect during the upgrade?


      Has anyone gone through this that may be able to provide me with guidance or doc?



      Lou S.