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    Is it possible to clone BBSA AppServer for having HA?

    Miguel Manzanares



      I have a BBSA App Server running OK.


      For having a balanced HA, I was planning to:


      1.- Put the File Server in HA, and use localhost in AppServer to access to it. This works OK.


      2.- Clone the App Server to another one, and license again the RSCD with the new hostname. This works OK.


      3.- Now, I don't know what entries I have to add to the Oracle DB in order to have the new AppServer on it. If I start the new AppServer it doesn't appear in Infrastructure Management. It seems to work OK (I can log in the new AppServer and create jobs and run them, but I know I'm missing some DB staff).


      Is there any way to solve this?


      Or do I need to reinstall the second node from scratch?


      Thanks in advance.