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    Retrieving Hardware information Pre-OS Install

      I'm interested in hearing how everyone is managing their devices with BSA as far as onboarding new devices to be provisioned.


      I'm relatively new to BSA, but so far the only way I've really seen to on-board devices is by adding them with their MAC Address (either by GUI or CLI).  I understand that it is possible to have the MAC automatically added when the device boots, but I haven't had much luck with that yet.


      The real problem for us is retrieving the MAC Address as we have a variety of different hardware, so writing out-of-band workflows to retrieve those are going to be painful.  Is anyone having a pre-boot image automatically fill out attributes on the provisioning object?  Serial Number is the one I am primarily interested in, but I would really like attributes such as CPU/HD/Memory as well.


      There are a few open sources tools that do parts of this, but not everything (or well).  I'd rather not recreate the wheel if I don't have to

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          Sean Berry

          If the to-be-provisioned box successfully talks to a PXE server, the MAC address should show up as a to-be-provisioned device.


          Once it boots into the WinPE or Gentoo image, the hardware make and model etc should be being sent to BSA (and visible in the details of the Device).

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            Thanks Sean.  I'm not seeing this happening in my environment, but I could have something configured wrong.


            I see the details are, RAM, CPU Count/Speed/Family, Make/Model.  Are there any options to add additional data (I'm inerested in Serial Number and Disk information for)?  Is this handled by the bmi that is injected in to the gentoo image?

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              Newton Nyante



              After the Device pxe boots and connected to the application server once within a boot image, then the Device should appear for you in the BSA Console.  The Device hardware information gathered and displayed in the Console is currently hard coded and gathered by bmi.  I cannot think of a good way to do this currently.  Maybe a pre-install script, but this would require executing an actual job and not a great way to set this information as a Device property once retrieved.


              Maybe a good idea as an enhancement for future consideration.

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                What sort of interface is BMI using to communicate back to the BladeLogic instance?


                The one way I am thinking we could do this (and the way that some of the Open Source tools do it) are to connect back to BSA via the Web API (since I don't want to install console/cli in my pre-boot environment) and update the parameters via information we retrieve in the pre-boot environment.


                The original question I still have though is how are people handling this?  How do folks tie a MAC Address, which does not relate back to a physical device easily without using some out of band management tools, to a physical device?  Does everyone just know what their MAC address of the device to provision is?


                I know there is a serial number property on a provisioning device object, but having to manually update that with every server that is onboarded doesn't seem like a maintainable workflow.


                I'm just hoping someone out there in the community has done something before.

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                  Bill Robinson

                  i believe serial number and some other things will show up here.  perhaps we should get the auto-discovery working in your environment so we can see if that meets your needs ?