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    Optimal Dante Socks Server config for BladeLogic (on RHEL 5)

    Yanick Girouard

      We're looking for potential (cheaper, or free) alternatives to Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy server (which we're using as our socks proxies and is quite expensive) and stumbled across Dante Server. I know that BMC is using it internally for their labs, and was wondering if someone could share their optimal config for it on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.


      I found this old discussion: A sample dante SOCKS config which gives a sample config and mentions some modifications to make to /etc/security/limits.conf and /etc/sysctl.conf, but it was written for Dante Server 1.2 and we're using the latest stable release, 1.3.2. Are those still required ?


      So far this is the config we have (we've enabled debug for now while we're testing):


      # Logging

      logoutput: /var/log/sockd.log

      debug: 1 # Sets the debug level


      # Server address specification

      internal: port = 1080



      # Username the server will run as

      user.notprivileged: sockd


      # Authentication method

      clientmethod: none

      method: none


      # Allow client connections from appservers (

      client pass {

          from: to:

          log: connect disconnect error



      # Allow tcp connections from app servers on port 4750

      pass {

          from: to: port = 4750

          log: connect disconnect error

          protocol: tcp



      # Block everybody else and log it

      client block {

          from: to:

          log: connect error



      # Block connection attempts to loopback device

      block {

          from: to: lo0

          log: connect error