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    Copy failing from repeater with I/O error

      Hi Team,


      In one of my cusotmer's environment PPBJ is failing at the Staging phase with the following I/O error:



      Error Jun 20, 2013 9:19:56 PM Staging failed while copying from repeater xxxxxx directory /bladelogic/storage/blpackages/release.jumpstart_3Q11_sol.noarch_rev0-2429771.1
      to //xxxxxx/var/nsh/stage/release.jumpstart_3Q11_sol.noarch_rev0-2429771.1-6012952.3: I/O error


      Ping a telnet work from the repeater to the target however since NSH is not installed we are not able to check communication from the repeater to the target. If we change the repeater to point to another repeater it works fine. Seems like a communication issue between the 

      I have requested the rscd logs from the target and repeater.


      Any pointers on what we can check other this?