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    VMWare vCentre Server reporting

      I can now connect to my VMWare enviroment in BL and browse through the Clusters/hosts etc,  How do i transfer that info into reporting, for example the properties for a Virtual machine VMWare tool version/ Datastore / Entity container.


      I have tried running a Discovery/Snapshot job against the Virtual centre Server using the BL template but get the following error for the snapshot


      Error Jun 19, 2013 4:38:23 PM Snapshot of target part '/' of asset class type 'VMware vCenter Server' failed on target '-VM-****-****': Snapshot of root asset is not supported : on host VM-****-****

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          Joe Piotrowski

          You can't Snapshot the VMware vCenter Server object. You have to Snapshot the object types below that:





          /Virtual Machines



          This works fine if you don't use the Recursive option on your Snapshots. If you select the Recursive option with defaults, you might run into issues.