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    windows provisioning loop testing?

    Dale Reagan

      I have a working Windows provisioning job:




      I want to 'loop test' this job.  Is there a BLCLI command to start the job?

      Note - I see many commands to 'create' a provisioning job - I just want to 'run' one that is already 'set up'...


      I.e. instead of a manual process:

      1. login to console
      2. locate job
      3. execute job
      4. review server
      5. start job again
      6. reboot server
      7. repeat X times


      I want to:

      1. blcli some_wonderous command (start the provisioning job)
      2. review results (or not)
      3. nexec sysname reboot_comand
      4. rinse & repeat until satified
      5. compile results from logs