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    Partitioning Issue With Blade Logic Provisioning

    Brian Engel

      I am currently trying to provision a server with Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. The server has 6 physical drives. Two are set up as a RAID 1 logical drive, the other four are setup as a RAID 4 logical drive. When it job begins it formats a C and D partition. According to what I can find the C partition is set to be 40GB and the D partition is whatever the remaining space is. Once it begins the windows installation itself I keep getting a message that there isn't enough space, that it needs 8GB more. So I changed the C partition size to be 60GB and got the exact same error.


      So what I am wanting to do is give the entire RAID1 volume to C and the entire RAID 5 volume to D. How can I set that up within BL to provision the server that way?