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    Unable to decommission a server due to compliance or audit permissions

      This is similar to a closed post from a year ago but it is slightly different. I have tried the suggestion on that post on how to identify and fix the problem but those commands showed me that I should be able to decommission the server. Here is what I found:


      From App Job Log.

      [13 Jun 2013 11:09:22,447] [Client-Connections-Thread-8] [INFO] [xxx@xxx.xxx:BLAdmins:] [Client] User 'xxx@xxx.xxx' assumed the role 'BLAdmins'

      [13 Jun 2013 11:09:40,900] [Client-Connections-Thread-6] [INFO] [xxx@xxx.xxx:BLAdmins:] [Client] DBKey:SComponentModelKeyImpl:2001313-1-2435443 marked 0 Psis as deleted

      [13 Jun 2013 11:09:40,946] [Client-Connections-Thread-6] [WARN] [xxx@xxx.xxx:BLAdmins:] [Client] Could not decommission server with id 2011901 due to error:Access Denied AuditJob.Delete on Audit1

      com.bladelogic.om.infra.mfw.util.AccessDeniedException: Access Denied AuditJob.Delete on Audit1


      That shows I was logged in as the role BLAdmins when I tried to decommission the server.

      I found the DBKey from the log above and ran the showPermissions command which showed I need to be BLAdmins which I already was.

      # blcli -v CLM-TEST-ENV -r BLAdmins Component showPermissions  DBKey:SComponentModelKeyImpl:2001313-1-2435443

      Everyone        Component.Read

      BLAdmins        Component.*


      I tried to delete the component anyway but again I was denied access. No surprise here.

      # blcli -v CLM-TEST-ENV -r BLAdmins Component deleteComponentByDBKey  DBKey:SComponentModelKeyImpl:2001313-1-2435443

      Command execution failed.  Access Denied AuditJob.Delete on Audit1


      Also, I have tried without luck of finding "Audit1". Where would I look? I have all permissions on the server and I have done a search as all 4 of our defined roles without luck. I'm not really sure how to search for it. (meaning which object type)


      Comments would be appreciated.