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    Error while playback on SILK



      I am recording some custom made GUI (client server) applications.

      When I playback the recording I receive an error. The error appears after a "double click" or "right click" action.

      [-] Testcase Test1 - 1 error

        [ ] *** DefaultBaseState is closing CardManagements windows

        [ ] Closing ConnectModuleToSQLServer

        [ ] *** Error: Window 'Acc. Transactions' was not found - This is an item from the right click menu..

        [ ] Occurred in CardManagement.AfxMDIFrame421.DialogBox1.StaticText2.TreeView1.PopupSelect

        [ ] Called from Test1 at cms.t(24)

        [ ] *** DefaultBaseState is closing CardManagements windows

        [ ] Closing CardManagement


      I saw that in the application the "double click" action is not the same with the "enter" key, same thing with "right click" and "shift+F10".


      Another issue is regarding the resolution, after I record a test case lets say in 1280X1024, if I connect to the server using other resolution the test case will fail.


      Thank you in advance for your support,