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    Installing BladLogic

      Please any one can tell me Steps how to install BladLogic



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          Jim Wilson

          Here is a direct link to the product documentation:



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            Bill Robinson

            please review the documentation jim mentioned and if you have specific questions about specific sections in the documentation please ask your questions here.  you may also want to investigate getting BMC Professional Services to assist w/ your installation and attending some product training classes.  have you talked to your bmc sales account rep about either of those ?

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              Joe Piotrowski

              Our docs can be a bit overwhelming. The three primary parts of a BSA installation are:

              - database

              - file server

              - application server


              It can be more involved than that, but those are the basics in order to have a functioning BSA environment. The steps I usually take are:

              - configure an SQL or Oracle database per our documentation

              - install an RSCD Agent on your file server and add the following entries to your users.local file:

                   System:System rw,map=localAdminAccountName

                   BLAdmins:* rw,map=localAdminAccountName

              - install the BSA application and during the post configuration point it to your database and file server


              From there you should be able to install a Console and point it to your application server. Connect as BLAdmin or RBACAdmin as needed.