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    'CollTablespaces' is going into value '1' automatically and refreshing this automatically coming to value '0'

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      Hi Team,

                      We are using BMC patrol for Oracle version: 8.11.00(011) to monitor the Oracle database( in our environment. The database is hosted on RHEL 5.6. Today morning we had an issue that a table-space got full and no alerts was received to support team.

                      Initially I have looked for the table-space parameter and value of the parameter is showing offline, then I looked into the collector tab under the oracle instance and 'CollTablespaces' parameter is showing offline and having a value of '1'. I again selected the table-space tab and checked the tables-space for monitoring and at the sametime tablespace got started monitoring as well as 'CollTablespaces' parameter is showing online and having a value of '0'.


      Can you please help me how to avoid this situation in future?




      Avisekh Das