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    What is the correct way to mention return codes for patching?

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      Hi All,

      My return codes seems to be not working for my deploy jobs..

      I was having some know issues during patch deploy in windows due to that my deploy job shows failure status for these return code 2146959355,2145124329,2146498302,2145091572,1642,1618,1612,1605,1603,


      So I decided to put them under ‘Patch Deploy success return codes” under patch global configuration now if any deploy job faces these error codes 2146959355,2145124329,2146498302,2145091572,1642,1618,1612,1605,1603,then it will mark deploy job as success ,not failure but still my deploy jobs gets failed with these above return/error code?


      I want to skip these error codes so that deploy job will always show pass status

      Attached the screen shot where I have given my return codes

      1)      2146959355,2145124329,2146498302,2145091572,1642,1618,1612,1605,1603, à is this correct way to mention return codes?

      Please help me out if I have wrongly mentioned them? and also have a look at attached screen shot