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    BladeLogic RCP Client User Timeout setting?

    richard mcleod

      I have an audit issue I'm trying to remediate around how long users are allowed to be idle while logged into the RCP client.


      So for instance - if a user makes no action in the console for 15 minutes, they should be logged out or atleast required to re-authenticate. I've tried setting the 'idleconnectionprunetime', restarted blappserv then tested, doesn't seem to affect the end user, didn't see anything pop up in the appserver log either.


      Anyone have any ideas where this setting is located?

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          Davorin Stevanovic

          There is already RfE opened for this. QM001651748 with description “Need a way to have the GUI console automatically log a user off after 15 minutes of inactivity.” But I would recommend that you add idea as well and reference the RfE number in it.


          At this point your best chance is to use SessionCredentialLifetime and MaximumSessionCredentialLifetime from "auth" space.


          The problem is that when you set SessionCredentialLifetime it will always terminate your sessions validity, no matter if you are working with the console or if you just hit the

          Inactivity timeout. The UI ALWAYS requests you to re-enter your password as soon as the time set in SessionCredentialLifetime has ended.

          The same behavior is with MaximumSessionCredentialLifetime. I know for sure that we have tested this with both parameter and we've always been requested to enter password after the timeout.

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            richard mcleod

            Thanks for the info Davorin.