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    Patrol - Unix OX- CPUCpuUtil - '2' digit

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      At Patrol Central, on UNix patrol agent.


      When I compared between the output of the CPUCpuUtil parameter, and the output from the server,

      I saw that the digit '2' is missing in every place it should have been (in the process name, and in the PID value).

      Is it a well known problem?

      Is there any kind of fix for that problem?


      Thanks, Gal.

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          Mohit Pandit

          I guess it is an environmental issue.

          I checked this and found working on my test server:


               The following processes contributed to /PROCPRES/automount:


                  Command String:       automount

                   Process ID:           3568

                   Parent PID:           1

                   Owner:                root

                   CPU Percent:          0.000000

                   Memory Usage:         752  KB

                   VM Size     :         12440  KB

                   Full Command     :    automount


          Can you share the screenshot and also other info like agent Unix KM version., plateform version etc.