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    Jython Credential Acquiring

      I am looking for a solution to acquire BSA credentials from within Jython and haven't found a solution so far.


      The background around this question is a webservice on top of some Jython logic which serves forever and runs into Session Credential expired error after not using it for a certain period of time (the amount of time it needs for the credential to expire).


      Currently I tried using the subprocess module, which does not work though, because the blcred cred acquire command needs to be executed within the current shell rather than within a subshell in order to get valid session credentials acquired.


      Using the subprocess module this is what I get:


      subprocess.Popen("blcred cred -acquire -profile " + profile + " -username " + username + " -password " + password

      >> Authentication succeeded: acquired session credential


      jli = blcli.CLI()







      >> com.bladelogic.om.infra.session.client.SessionCredentialExpiredException: Your session credential has expired please login again.


      Any clever ideas?



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          Bill Robinson

          so you shouldn't need to set username, password or appserverhost here.  just serviceprofile and the rolename.


          to pickup a new credential you need to destroy your existing connection w/ something like this:

          def disconnect(self):

                          from com.bladelogic.client import *

                          i = net.ClientConnectionPool.getInstance();

                          ii = net.ClientConnectionPool.getInstance().closeAllConnections();


                          return net.ClientConnectionPool.getInstance().getConnectionCount();


          take a look here:

          Re: Using Jython Against 2 BL Environments