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    Inventory of Depot objects used in jobs


      We are running a couple of instances of BL7.4 and many instances of BL7.6.

      We have many nsh scripts and many more bldeploy scripts all using bladelogic bldeploy packages and nsh scripts from the depot.  In preparation for upgrading to a more modern BL8.x installation we need to audit what depot objects we have and determine what's being used and what is no longer needed (we have a pretty good idea of which jobs are using theses blpackage depot scripts).

      i can think of two ways to go about this...

      1. list all of our active jobs and somehow determine what packages they use and dump that to a file for further processing

      2. list all of the depot packages and nsh scripts and determine what dependencies exist and dump that to a file for further processing.

      I'd prefer to do something with option 2... it's a shorter list of stuff to process.


      Looking at the blcli help hasn't produced much...

      I see a couple of things such that i might be able to loop together:

      blcli Job listAllByGroup Group1

      blcli DeployJob findBlPackageForLatestJobRun path jobname

      "DeployJob findBlPackageForLatestJobRun" doesn't look sufficiently broad to get done what i need (there's no corresponding "blcli Job findBlPackageForLatestJobRun path jobname" or "blcli nshJob findBlPackageForLatestJobRun path jobname"

      In Testing findBlPackageForLatestJobRun i found that if the deployjob had never been run it returned a 0 status and not the blpackage. If the job had been previously run it returned the ID of the blpackage.  I really just want the name of the blpackage.... so this isn't much help.


      any suggestions ideas or pointers?


      Dean (first time post for me)