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    BSA 8.1.2 - Identifying the externalID for a virtual server



      We are using CLM 2.1 SP1 and BSA 8.1.2. For a CLM API call, I need to determine upfront the external ID for a Virtual Machine in BSA.


      To do this, we got the following link from BMC Support to get the externalID from BSA:

      https://<BSA-hostname>:<port>/type/PropertySetClasses/SystemObject/Server/?name=<VM/VC name>&username=<user>&password=<password>&role=<role>


      When I use this link https://bsaserver:10840/type/PropertySetClasses/SystemObject/Server/?name=virtualservername&username=test&password=xxx&role=BLAdmins  in the browser in our environment I always get a web page which says "BladeLogic Inc.:Authentication Service:", but I do not get the external ID.


      Can anyone tell me what we are doing wrong.

      Do we use the wrong port (this is the port we use for connecting with the BSA console, or do we need to send a HTTP GET/POST request via BAO, ...


      Many thanks in advance for your input!