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    BMC TM Art - GUI Application recording



      I want to record an GUI application developed in .NET and I cannot find this function in TM Art.


      I saw that this function is implemented for WEB apps but I could not find something like this for GUI applications. 




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          Hal DeVore

          GUI application recording and playback requires the SilkTest for TM ART component.  SilkTest is an optional component of TM ART.  Depending on your license model, this might not have additional license costs but you should verify that with your salesperson.


          SilkTest for TM ART must be installed on all Execution Servers where you will run SilkTest monitors.  And it requires that the Execution Server run a server-class Windows OS with Terminal Services capability.  The "base" Windows license includes two simultaneous Terminal Services logins for remote administration which is usually adequate for TM ART SilkTest purposes.  SilkTest can also be installed on an application administrator's workstation and used to develop monitors in a manner analogous to the TM ART Monitor Workbench.


          Using SilkTest also requires that the settings for your Execution Server include the appropriate options.


          The Application Performance Monitoring Tutorial which is part of the TM ART Central documentation set has a large section on use of SilkTest.



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            Dan Egner

            And if you are just starting with SilkTest in TM ART look at the

            Application Performance Monitoring Tutorial

            Chapter 2 is on SilkTest in TM ART.

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