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    Patrol User Permissions

    Gaurav Sharma
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      Hi All,


      I am getting permission error while installing the patrol agent. Can you please let me know what permissions patrol user need for installation.


      There are two place where I am supposed to give the credentials, one is ROOT and other Patrol. Please Suggest the permissions for both the users.



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          Hi Gaurav,



          Root user should have sudo all privileges and the patrol user may have the read only privileges may work the installation.


          In case if you are getting error while installation you may run the post installation scripts using the root user that will also complete installation.




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            Mohit Pandit

            Hi Gaurav,


            If you have root credentials you will need them only once that is at the time of installation.


            Patrol default account can be a normal user on Unix and you need to make it as the owner of directory where you are installing patrol (generally it is /opt/bmc dir).


            Also it is suggested to install Patrol using patrol default account.

            If you supply root password during installation, not other specific permission/rights are needed, install make all required changes.


            In Unix generally no specific rights needed, but in Windows you need to make it either local admin group member or provide 8 specific rights.


            Hope this helps in answering you r Q .


            Thank you,


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              Hi on a Unix system,


              Patrol Agent need rwx rights on the installation dir.


              drwxr-x---. 11 bppm bppm 4096 Jun 13 15:47 /opt/bmc


              Once installed, if you do not provide root passwd, you need to run this scripts, in your shell as root :

              $ . ./$PATROL_HOME/BMC_INSTALL/(yourhost)-(timestamp)/InstallLog-(timestamp).log_rootscripts


              This should setup correctlly all rights for you agent.


              This is a bit more complex on windows...



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                please find the unix server patrol agent installation steps attached herewith in notepad.


                hope it will work..

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                  Shea Jacobs



                  You say that the patrol user can be a normal user on Unix.  If the default account is also the account used to install patrol, does that account have to be a local account?  In other words, is there any possible way to  install patrol agents without using a local account for the install?  I have not found a way around this, but more and more we are seeing a need to be able to install (and upgrade) patrol agents using an ldap account for installation of a patrol agent.  Thanks - Shea.

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                    Edem Elessessi

                    Hi Community,


                    Is there a way to configure patrol to run under a specific group?

                    For example if a server has 3 different groups [groupA groupB groupC], I want patrol to use the groupB no matter how many groups has been added to that server. The /opt/bmc/Patrol/Patrol3/change_owner.sh script has the " GROUP=`id $USER | awk -F\) '{ print $2 }' | awk -F\( '{ print $2 }'`" embedded on it but if the order of the groups changes under the id command it messes up the restart of the PatrolAgent.

                    Is there any configuration file that I can put the group information at?

                    Any thoughts?