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    Server Property

    Prabhash M.P

      Hi all


      We have a server property name _ENVIRONMENT which saves the Environment values like INT, PROD, DEV etc. by default the value of _ENVIRONMENT property is set to PROD for all these servers. Now we need to set the values to DEV for development servers and the development server details are available in a text/CSV file. Can I achieve this using an NSH script? If yes then which command I need to use to fetch the server details from the text/CSV files.

      If it’s for all server listed under BSA then we can get the server details by “Server listAllServers” ,

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          Bill Robinson

          if you have the server names in a csv file you can create a csv file to be used w/ the  blcli Server bulkSetServerPropertyValues command.  please see the blcli help for information on the command and the csv format.  the format should be: