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    STAGE directory doesn't get cleared when Custom Software Package uses Support-Files

    Steffen Kreis



      we have some Custom-Software Packages that include Support-Files for our Windows targets.

      We realized today that whenever we deploy such a package to a target the STAGE directory gets not cleared after the deployment.

      This seems to be as designed as the bldeploy Logfile contains the following entry:


      05/23/13 16:00:44.519 DEBUG    bldeploy - Support files exists, do not delete package directory

      05/23/13 16:00:44.519 DEBUG    bldeploy - DeletePkg = 0 DeleteUndo = 1


      Does anybody have an idea, why is this the case and if there is a mechanism to clear the STAGE directory anyway ?


      This is starting to be a bigger issue for us, as this is filling the drive space on our targets.