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    Auto Replies Generating New Work Orders

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      We have new work order notifications being sent to Requesters.  If the requester's Out of Office is enabled and triggers an auto reply, the auto reply email generates a New Work order. Is there a way to prevent this?




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          If the auto-reply e-mail includes the [[WO#xxxx]] code anywhere in the body or subject of the e-mail it will be able to bypass the E-mail Monitor rules to try and append to the existing work order.

          Furthermore, if that matching work order is already in a Closed state, by default the system will create a new work order rather than append and re-open the existing one. This, however, can be changed.

          The information in this article will give instructions for configuring it so that the auto-reply e-mail will be appended to the existing work order instead:



          The only other alternative is the make sure your auto-replies are not configured to include the [[WO#xxxx]] code, and make sure you have E-mail Monitor rules in place to catch and ignore those e-mails altogether.