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    Community Merger

      Talking about the organization and layout of the BSA Communities with a couple folks like Matt Laurenceau and Bill Robinson, we were thinking it would make a lot more sense to have a single BSA Community, instead of a general one and another for scripting-related discussions and content.


      The good thing is that it will bring a more unified area for discussing all things BSA, since scripting can play such a big part in any aspect of implementing BSA.  This will help avoid any confusion as to which community a discussion should be created, and also make finding valuable discussions easier.  While there won't be a community dedicated to scripting, we can use Jive's built-in labeling features to keep all of the scripting discussions easier to single out.


      In the first phase, we would move all of the existing discussions here to the main BSA Community, and turn off the ability to add new discussions.  Then we would begin working on cleaning up the documents and scripts that have been posted here, cleaning up the good stuff and deleting the junk.


      What do you guys think?