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    Help Deploying WIM Image Based System Packages and Mass Storage Controller Drivers

      I am using BladeLogic 8.3


      I have discovered that the deployment of WIM images in a System Package does not properly deal with Mass Storage Controller Drivers, leaving you with a Blue Screen of Death if you do not have the drivers in your image...


      I am wishing to install Windows Operating Systems to Physical Servers using System Packages that are based upon WIM images.

      I wish to limit the amount of images I am to create, so therefore I need to make a master image for each iteration of the OS (Standard, Datacenter, Enterprise) for each version of the OS (2008 R2, 2012, etc). If I do not make a master image I would have to have 20 images to take into account 4 hardware vendors + 5 OS editions alone.


      I have many hardware vendors that I have to take into account, and therefore many different versions of Mass Storage controller drivers for the same device, which will lead to the wrong driver being applied to the wrong hardware vendor if all of them are added to the same WIM at once.

      I have discovered that the only way to add mass storage controller drivers to the installation is to add them to the WIM image file (via DISM for example) as the "PNP Driver Paths" entry just does not work for Missing Mass Storage Controller Drivers. I have even tried to have the drivers copied into C:\Windows\INF during the "Post Disk Partition Commands", which works in PNP only if there is a generic Microsoft Driver that is loaded first.


      Has anyone experienced this before, or perhaps have some suggestions they could throw my way?


      I even modified the "Startnet.cmd" file in my boot image to try to apply the drivers to the applied OS image prior to the first reboot, but the BMI seems to force the reboot of the machine prior to "Startnet.cmd" being alowed to complete.